Sunday, October 11, 2015


We are indeed living in an interesting time. With the IT-revolution apparently never stopping, we are facing currently a change in the energy sector from fossil fuels to renewable energies. The next revolution in the transportation sector is already on its way…

IT is in the middle of a transition from the so-called 2nd platform to the 3rd platform. What does this mean?
First, the (r)evolution went from mainframes (1st platform) to the personal computer and the Internet (which is the 2nd platform). Now, we face the shift from PCs to Mobile Devices with millions of apps and billions of users coming with an enormous hunger for data resources. The megatrends transforming the IT industry are big data, cloud, social networking and mobility.

Imagine this: The information growth in the Digital Universe is expected to reach 44 Zettabytes in 2020. To put this into perspective: Think of a grain of sand equal to one Megabyte, then one Zettabyte is equivalent to a beach stretching around the coasts of China and India!
And this is only one Zettabyte...
After the Zettabyte comes only the Yottabyte, before it goes into weird names.

This is, why I gave this blog the name (R)Evolution³. To describe the ongoing trifold (r)evolution in the IT, energy and transportation sectors, and how they reinforce each other. 

Solar-powered podcars bring all these innovations together: a computerized, suspended or supported, elevated transportation system, powered by solar energy combined with reliably managed, stored and secured data.

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